COGTIVE opens office in Chicago to serve the North American market

The most common trend in the IT technology developer market is for businesses to start in the United States and then expand globally. However, COGTIVE, which is setting up shop in Chicago to win North American clients, shows that it is possible to reverse this trend.

According to unpublished studies conducted by COGTIVE, the hidden productivity potential in the manufacturing industry in the United States exceeds $750 billion, compared to the $100 billion mark in Brazil.

With a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution aimed at the factory floor, specifically production lines in the manufacturing industry, utilizing artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) resources, the solution will provide industrial managers with real-time monitoring of the entire manufacturing process, allowing them to explore this hidden potential.

This is because, also in real time, data is collected accurately and practically from work on the production lines, as well as monitoring their operation. In this way, interruptions are prevented, bottlenecks are detected, and opportunities are identified, providing input for managers to make quick and effective decisions. Among the benefits are increased productivity gains and positive impacts on factory results.

All these software attributes helped us win the Pitch LTNtech in October. The pitch competition (project presentation to investors) is held in Michigan, United States, by 1871, one of the main startup accelerators in the country.

Foto de Reginaldo Ribeiro ao centro, um dos fundadores da COGTIVE, ao lado de Cândido Ouro Preto e Ricardo Borgatti Neto
Reginaldo Ribeiro [center], one of the founders of COGTIVE, alongside Cândido Ouro Preto and Ricardo Borgatti Neto.

“The achievement, in addition to a cash prize to boost investments ($15,000), opened doors for COGTIVE to establish itself in the 1871 innovation hub in Chicago,” says Reginaldo Ribeiro, CEO and one of the founders of COGTIVE, alongside Cândido Ouro Preto and Ricardo Borgatti Neto.

Segments served

The range of industrial segments served by our software is broad. It includes pharmaceuticals, cosmetics factories, food and beverage, clothing, chemical and plastic industries, electronics, and automotive.

Prospecting for clients and negotiations to close contracts in the American market have already begun. “Initially, the focus is on companies located in the United States itself,” Ribeiro says.

The landing in Chicago is another step for COGTIVE in its international expansion. Also this year, we have supplied our software to a multinational specializing in generic drugs for plants in the Middle East.

“The achievement of the pitch course [Pitch LTNtech] and the opening of our office in the United States crown 2022 and project an even more promising 2023,” Ribeiro envisions.

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