COGTIVE signs first international contract

System secures a major generic pharmaceutical company in the Middle East after achieving solid production results and business improvement in the industry.

COGTIVE has signed its first international contract for the use of its system with one of the major generic pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East. To reach us, the international industry researched other ventures around the world, focusing on Industry 4.0, which could deliver more results, digital factory visualization, and generate information from data. Finally, they compared the functionalities and saw COGTIVE as the solution they needed. We were chosen, leaving behind three other software companies: one German, one American, and one from the Czech Republic.

One of the unique features of COGTIVE’s system applicability is the availability of Flow View – a kind of Digital Twin, a kanban of the entire manufacturing process. This tool offers managers easy visualization of what happens in the factory and allows them to make quick decisions, helping them achieve faster and more accurate results.

“This contact was purely organic. The brand searched worldwide for companies that could contribute to the digitization of manufacturing with real-time information. There was no marketing or prospecting involved in them reaching out to us – our international project was only going to start next year. They reached out to us through research,” highlights Reginaldo Ribeiro, founder and CEO.

Our software, based on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, is installed on the machines. From there, data is collected from various aspects, such as equipment status, lost operational time, performance measurement, accuracy of production batches delivery, pace tracking, setup and maintenance times.

Then, the data is contextualized and transformed into information so that managers, directors, and executives can visualize the results. After all the data gathering, leaders can identify the potential for hidden capacity in the equipment, make strategic decisions, identify factory productivity trends, generate insights, and respond much faster to changes in the sales/production plan.

“The software is a pioneer in identifying bottlenecks in production plants and with great ease, it is possible to identify opportunities for gains so that managers can increase performance through unique and intelligent interfaces,” highlights the CEO.

Founded over four years ago, COGTIVE is based in São Paulo, at CUBO, the largest startup ecosystem in Latin America. Today, we maintain contracts with leading manufacturing industries in the chemical, animal health, pharmaceutical, automotive, and other sectors.

In a short amount of time, we have seen the results of our solutions in the budgets of corporations. In just the first 15 days of using our software, a large factory was able to save $300,000 per year. In total, over 2 billion products have been tracked, resulting in a savings of around $180 million for the companies.

“We make a significant contribution to the productivity of our clients. We are attentive to the entire production process, allowing us to generate information and connections between the various stages of the manufacturing chain, so that our users can add value to their business and not just increase productivity in isolation within production resources,” emphasizes Reginaldo.

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