Have you mapped the hidden potential of your factory?

Industries can lose millions in revenue by not evaluating the efficiency of their factories and equipment in an integrated manner. A new technology that uses Artificial Intelligence helps identify bottlenecks.

“In the industrial environment, idle capacity is already well-known. If we have equipment operating for 8 hours a day and it remains off for the other 16 hours, we have 66.6% of idle capacity. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about hidden capacity. By evaluating lead times and bottlenecks of the factory as a whole, and not just isolated equipment, we can identify a series of improvement points that go far beyond the equipment operating at full capacity,” says Reginaldo Ribeiro, Founder & CEO of COGTIVE.

We develop solutions to expand the potential of productivity in the manufacturing industry and observe how much money is lost due to the lack of control over the entire process. Companies are only looking at the efficiency of equipment separately. Few know that it is possible to increase the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) of a piece of equipment and still lose money. This happens if the various assets do not work in perfect harmony.

To have a simultaneous view of all processes and identify possible bottlenecks, the COGTIVE system uses data collection through IoT, App or Camera to have a clear digital view of all processes and ensure precise decisions based on real-time information. This allows for the identification of non-operational equipment, for example, and obtaining reports on lead times for production orders and product holding by production line.

Another great feature is TAELOR, the name of our Artificial Intelligence, which provides feedback based on machine learning to enhance strategic decision-making and increase productivity. And the entire framework is integrated with the industry’s ERP systems, serving the largest ERPs in the market such as SAP, TOTVS, Microsoft, Siemens, and Oracle.

One of our success stories is Ourofino Saúde Animal, one of the most traditional brands in the veterinary market, with over 30 years of experience. With the COGTIVE solution for the shop floor, the company was able to increase its OEE by 29%.

Ourofino had 85 equipment in its industrial park, whose records were made manually, which sometimes caused problems with speed and accuracy when identifying bottlenecks, production line stops, and resource optimization, as well as line operators and even the maintenance team.

By deciding to digitize data collection on the shop floor, Ourofino found the ideal solution in partnership with COGTIVE. The data obtained from the equipment was condensed and made available in real-time dashboards and on a digital productivity kanban board (Flow View) for on-the-fly monitoring.

With the solution, as previously mentioned, Ourofino improved 29% of its OEE and saved about 600 hours/year for its entire line operator team, having a 360º view of the shop floor.

“Here at Ourofino, we always look for digital solutions to revolutionize the industry, and through the virtualization that COGTIVE provided us, we have taken our company to an even higher level, reducing the idle capacity of our shop floor,” emphasizes Milton Rizzo, Operations Director at Ourofino.

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